Rental Space

RoomMinimum Room Rate (Five Hours)Hourly Rate for Additional Hours
Sanctuary (Includes use of the piano and Kitchen Area)$ 62.50$12.50
Parlor$ 37.50$7.50
Fellowship Hall (Includes use of Kitchen Area)$ 62.50$12.50
Kitchen Area (when not included above)$ 12.50$2.50

We offer use of the grounds and facilities to our community for a small fee to cover energy operating costs.

Rental Guidelines

Per state regulations, (RCW 84.36.805) there are limitations to rental use:

For nonprofit community groups/events, we have hourly rates as listed above.

For businesses, we can temporarily offer the facilities for events on a case-by-case basis. We cannot offer monthly office space at this time.

Click here to view our church bylaws and a sample contract.


I’m interested, how do I start a rental?

The church office handles the rental process.

Expect a quick meeting to review the contract, answer your questions, pay via cash or check, and receive keys.

How do I calculate the cost of a venue for my party?

Start by deciding how much time you need including setup and cleanup. Less than five hours is included in the base rate of $62.50 total.

If you need more than five hours,

calculate _______ hours x $12.50 hourly.

What if I only need the space for a short time?

We schedule in 5 hour minimum blocks for your convenience. In most cases, even a two hour event can benefit from that extra buffer time.

I have special circumstances, how do I get in touch?

If you call or send an email, you can expect a timely response from the church secretary. Short tours are available during office hours.