50in25′ Capital Campaign

Why is “50in25” Important Now?

Northwest Church, like many other communities of faith and institutions, is struggling with the forces of the ongoing pandemic and scrambled economy. We have had to trim expenses and rely on some of our savings. Today, those savings are reduced and need to be reinforced.

This graph shows how we have had to use our savings certificates over the past few years. We anticipate cashing in another $10,000+ certificate later this year.

Your contribution to the 50in25 campaign will provide a way we can help restore our church finances by the end of 2025. And remember, this campaign is in addition to your regular giving, and your help will be needed through 2025 so that we can meet our objective. Thank you if you have already contributed!

Please consider making a regular sustaining gift or additional gifts when you are able. Mark your gift as either “50in25” or “capital campaign”. Through the link at the top of this page, you can easily donate online through your computer or smartphone. You can give on a regular basis, or whatever frequency is best for you. Your gifts will be helping our church prepare for a better future serving our community.