Taizé Evening Worship

It’s so easy to lose sight of what Advent is really about (hint: it’s not shopping or arguing politics with your weird uncle), so we figured a mid-week contemplative service was in order to help us reconnect with the peace and joyful anticipation of this season. We’ll be gathering every Wednesday night through Advent (Nov. 30, Dec. 7, 14, and 21) for a service of Evensong, using the music of the Taizé Community (a musically-inclined monastic order in Taizé, France), scripture, and prayer. This service is for everyone — adults, teens, kids, seekers, and life-long Christians alike. Childcare will be available in the Nursery for any wigglers (4 and under) who get tired of candles and music. Communion will be offered, and is available to all. 6:00 pm in the church Sanctuary.